More Classic Military Aircraft Clothing Designs Added

Classic Aircraft Jaguar Fleece Navy Snippet

More Classic Military Aircraft Clothing Designs Added

New Classic Military Aircraft For You

GDMK Images extremely popular Classic Military Aircraft Clothing range has been updated and features 4 new aircraft designs!

  • Vickers Wellington
  • Sepecat Jaguar
  • Sea Harrier FA2
  • Lightning 5 Sqn – joining the existing 11 Sqn version

Even More Aircraft Designs Coming Before Christmas!

The Classic Military Aircraft range will continue to expand with new aircraft designs continually being refined and added including some much asked for overseas air force aircraft.

The next batch will again feature WW2 aircraft and Cold War Jets!!

Buy The New Classic Military Aircraft Designs Now!!

See The New Classic Military Aircraft Designs Now!!

Personalised Aviation Clothing Service Launching Soon

Our new aviation clothing personalisation service is almost ready for launch!

This service will allow you to take our base designs and modify aircraft sqn colours, aircraft coding and wording personalised to your needs.

See Us at East Kirkby

These new designs will be available to buy at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre Firework Show at East Kirkby this weekend. Drop by and check out the new designs at first hand and have a chat about the upcoming aircraft clothing personalisation service!

Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully see you at East Kirkby!

All the best

Gary, Dawn & Kay

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