Find Fund Raising Merchandise

Find Fund Raising Merchandise

Helping Your Organisation Find Fund Raising Merchandise

Does your organisation or society struggle to find a supply of fund raising merchandise at affordable prices?

Has your organisation or society struggled with high minimum order quantities?

GDMK Images can help your organisation or society overcome these obstacles.

Making Fund Raising Merchandise Simple As 1, 2, 3 …

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Fund Raising Merchandise At An Affordable Price

During our travels around the event and show circuit, we have encountered many fundraising organisations, preservation societies and charities who have great difficulty finding fund raising merchandise at affordable prices with realistic minimum order volumes.

As a result of the efficiencies created by investing in our own production facilities, we can offer your society fantastic prices on your fund raising merchandise and gifts.

Societies We Have Helped

Over the last 18 months we have been extremely priviledged to have the following societies and organisations ask us to supply a mix of fund raising gifts and embroidered clothing


In addition to these groups, we supply all fund raising gifts and clothing for Class 50 locos 50021 & 50026 .

Huge Choice of Fund Raising Merchandise Products

We have access to a catalogue of in excess of 300 different lines of gift merchandise products.

Along with the staple items such as mugs, coasters, magnets and keyrings we can offer your organisation the following

  • phone cases
  • tablet cases
  • portable power packs
  • USB sticks
  • tea towels
  • cushions
  • teddy bears
  • school items
  • bags
  • purses and wallets
  • Printed and embroidered clothing from baby grows to 7XL adults!

The list is vast!

We do limited design work for you and basic colour correction on all your submitted images free of charge.

If an image needs extensive work to prepare it for printing, we offer a service to fix that image for a small one off charge.

If you want designs creating from scratch we can do that as well!

Embroidered Fund Raising Merchandise

We also supply a range of embroidered merchandise featuring extremely high quality embroidery work including

  • caps
  • beanie hats
  • t-shirts
  • polo shirts
  • fleece jackets
  • hoodies
  • bags

Custom embroidery designs can be created from your images. A digitisation fee is necessary to convert your image into an appropriate format for the embroidery machines. This is a one off fee based on the image complexity and number of stitches.

Again the list of embroidered items is extensive and available at a cost to quality ratio that will surprise you!

Minimum Order Levels

We have no minimum order levels – as simple as that. We can supply in single items and in any combination of product type.

All your orders will be added to our own production runs allowing us to offer fantastic prices!

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