Personalised Aviation Clothing Now Available Online

Spitfire A Veteran Navy Blue Polo sample

Personalised Aviation Clothing Now Available Online

Take Our Base Aviation Themed Clothing Designs and Personalise Them!

We are delighted to announce our personalised aviation clothing range is now available online. Following many enquiries and custom orders over the show season, we have decided to make our personalised aircraft clothing service available online.

At last, you can create a completely personalised garment to commemorate or remember a family members service with your own words and aircraft design. You might just want an aircraft design with your own unique words or phrase – that’s perfectly fine as well.

Your words can be anything and might include

  • Service Dates
  • Missions Completed
  • Airfield Served at
  • Mission Totals
  • Date Last Sortie Flown
  • Names

In fact, pretty much anything you can think of!

What Clothing Can I Personalise?

Our entire range of childrens and adults clothing is available for you to create your personalised garment including

What Aircraft Are Available For Personalised Clothing?

You can take any of our current embroidered aircraft designs. The list will expand to around 40 aircraft types and currently includes the following aircraft

  • Spitfire
  • Lancaster
  • Wellington
  • Dakota
  • Hunter
  • Canberra
  • Tornado
  • Jaguar
  • Lightning
  • Sea Harrier

What Things Can I Personalise on The Clothing?

Our base Classic Military Aircraft range of clothing features an embroidered aircraft with the aircraft types service dates above and the aircraft’s name below.

You can personalise the following aspects –

  • The wording above embroidered aircraft
  • Aircraft details such as aircraft code letters and squadron colours
  • The wording below embroidered aircraft

Below is an example of the subtle differences available in your customised clothing design – an 11 Squadron Lightning and a 5 Squadron Lightning. All you need to do is replace the standard words with your own words to finish this custom aircraft design.

Order Your Personalised Aviation Clothing Now!!

Order your personalised aviation clothing now and celebrate your families military heritage!

New aircraft types are added regularly, so why not subscribe to our mailing list and find out 1st when new designs are released!

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions

Gary, Dawn & Kay

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