Deltic Prototype and Hymeks Added to Embroidered Clothing Range

Deltic Prototype and Hymeks Added to Embroidered Clothing Range

Deltic Prototype and Hymeks Added to Embroidered Clothing Range

Following on from our recent addition of new liveries to our existing Class 43 HST and Class 47 embroidered designs, as promised we now have some more new locos –

  • Class 35 Hymek
  • Deltic Prototype

Both loco types are extremely popular and have been much requested by customers. This brings our total loco classes so far to 13 with the choice of 15 different livery options!!

Deltic Prototype

The ‘Deltic’ is the prototype loco for the legendary Class 55 Deltic locos. The locomotive entered service in 1955 in a striking light blue and creme colour scheme. It was designed for high speed services on the ECML and its success led to the production of the 22 Class 55 locos. The Deltic Prototype is a much requested design that has been sold several times as personalised designs following people contacting me – now is the time to make it available online!

Class 35 Hymeks

The Class 35 Hymeks are another popular class of loco that are regularly requested. The Hymeks were synonymous with the Great Western operating area of British Rail, being regular performers on trains from Paddington to Devon and South Wales. They entered service between 1961 and 1964 and had a very short service life. The Hymeks were diesel-hydraulic locos, a design that quickly fell out of favour with British Rail. Withdrawals started in 1971 with the last leaving service in 1975. The design is available in either BR Green or BR Blue

Recreate Your Favourite Loco

The standard embroidered loco design includes a high quality embroidered loco cab with a number and nameplate (if fitted). Recreate your favourite loco with our simple to use personalisation service.

  1. Choose Your Favourite Loco Class
  2. Enter Your Favourite Loco Number
  3. Choose The Loco Colour Scheme
  4. Choose the relevant size and colour of your garment
  5. Indicate if you want personalised wording or not
  6. If you do, add the wording you want above the loco
  7. Enter the wording you want below the loco – this defaults to the loco number and nameplate
  8. Add to Cart

Simple as that!!

Which Embroidered Loco Classes Are Available?

You can currently buy embroidered clothing featuring these loco classes –

What Garments Can I Buy These Loco Designs On?

You can buy these embroidered designs on our full clothing and bag range –

  • Polo Shirts
  • Zipped and Pullover Hoodies
  • Varisty Jackets
  • Fleece Jackets
  • Beanie Hats
  • Baseball Caps
  • Small Shoulder Bags
  • Rucksacks
  • Messenger Bags

My Favourite Loco Class Isn’t In your List – What Do I Do?

We are constantly working on new loco classes and livery variations. We are currently working on and testing the following loco classes –

  • Class 25
  • Class 26
  • Class 27
  • Class 31
  • Class 42

Get in touch and let us know which train design you would like to see come out next!!

** Flash Sales **

Our flash sales on FacebookInstagram and our email newsletters have been going down a storm so check our social media to grab a bargain! 1st to claim an item gets it – simple as that!

Thats All For Now – Stay Safe Everyone

Here is the link to the latest on how the Covid 19 situation is affecting our operations and your orders. All the best for now and I look forward to hearing your feedback on our personalised clothing range – stay safe!!!


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