New Class 47 Liveries For Your Embroidered Clothing

Class 47 47443 Large Logo Sapphire Blue Varsity Jacket snippet

New Class 47 Liveries For Your Embroidered Clothing

We have added another 2 liveries to our range of Class 47 embroidered clothing –

  • Large Logo
  • Railfreight Construction

Thes new colour schemes bring the Class 47 livery variations so far to 6!!

Recreate your favourite Class 47 loco with your own personalised wording.

In addition, we wanted to highlight a special edition Colour Scheme – the Stratford Depot Silver Roof version.

Stratford depot in London was famous for adding silver roofs to its locos at a time when the plain blue corporate colour scheme dominated the railway scene. This special edition design features the following special details

  • Stratford Silver Roof
  • Red Buffer Beams
  • Yellow Axle Box Covers

Don’t forget you can personalise all these designs by choosing your favourite number and adding your own words to the design!

What Clothing Can I Buy Featuring a Class 47 ?

You can buy these embroidered designs on all our clothing and bag range – the following are online already

You can also order the designs on beanies, caps and bags – they will be online soon but if you don’t want to wait then get in touch now!

Which Class 47 Liveries Are Available Now?

You can currently buy Class 47 designs in these liveries –

  • BR Blue
  • BR Green
  • BR Blue Stratford Silver Roof
  • Large Logo
  • Railfreight Construction
  • RES Parcels

Which Class 47 Liveries Will Be Released in The Future?

We are busy working on and testing new designs which include the following liveries

  • More Railfreight Sectors
  • Network Southeast
  • Scotrail
  • Virgin Cross Country

Get in touch and let us know which you would like to see come out next!!

** Flash Sales **

Our flash sales on Facebook, Instagram and our email newsletters have been going down a storm and this weeks features embroidered clothing so check our social media to grab a bargain!

1st to claim an item gets it – simple as that!

More Loco Classes Coming

Thanks for all the feedback regarding new classes of loco you would like to see. Next week I will be releasing more embroidered loco classes. 

They will feature a distinct North West and South West flavour so keep checking back !!

Thats All For Now – Stay Safe Everyone

Here is the link to the latest on how the Covid 19 situation is affecting our operations and your orders.

All the best for now and I look forward to hearing your feedback on our personalised clothing range – stay safe!!!


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