Ted Goes Flying At Duxford

GDMK Images lucky mascot #Ted before his airshow display ride on C47 Dakota N147DC at the American Airshow 2016

Ted Goes Flying at Duxford American Airshow 2016

We are just back from a fantastic weekend at the American Airshow at the IWM Duxford.

The American Airshow 2016 was a good event. There was lots of great flying (well the bits I got to see were very impressive). It seems the crowd numbers were down – a result of the advance ticket policy? I know a lot of people without tickets were turned away from the gates.

From our perspective it was a successful weekend despite the low crowd numbers.

I launched a new digital painting of Spitfire MkIX MK356 which was very well received by visitors.

We had a blast chatting to those visiting our art stall. Many became customers and bought something – its great to see your own personal work leaving for a new home.

Ted Gets a C-47 Dakota Flight

The highlight of the event for us was Ted making a new friend called Loon. Loons guardians, Andrew and Geraldine, dropped by the stall when they saw a black and white picture for sale on our stall. It turns out it was a picture of their steed for the weekend – C47A Dakota N147DC. After a lovely chat, they invited Ted to fly in the Dakota during the display on Saturday! Well what could we say? Before we knew it Ted was off and away for his VIP trip. I am sooo jealous of that little bear!!!!

July 2016 Update – little did we know that Ted would go one better at flying legends by getting a date with B-17 Flying Fortress Sally B!!

Interesting Discussion Generated

My Vulcan digital art picture is always a popular picture wherever I go. As this was our first airshow, it was particularly interesting to listen to the knowledgeable airshow photographers who stopped by. Much discussion was had on whether it was a photograph or art. Even more discussion focussed on its merits as art. Some questioned why someone would sell a badly blurred photo. Others were commending a stunning piece of aviation artwork. It was very entertaining overhearing the banter between friends when opinions differed!

I’m glad the picture does exactly what art should do – generate debate! I’ll side with those customers who bought the picture. Several versions were bought including framed, on canvas and on a wooden block, those people obviously know their art!

What are your thoughts on the picture? Leave your comments below!

Orders and Upcoming Shows

For those who placed orders, I can confirm that your orders have been processed and submitted for production. You should be hearing from the couriers over the next 10-12 days with delivery slots.

For those who missed my aviation art display, you can check out and order online from the full Aviation Gallery.

Our next airshows are

  • 19th June Cosford
  • 2nd & 3rd July Flywheel Festival
  • 9th & 10th July Flying Legends

We are at various shows every weekend. We will be at Bradgate Park this weekend with a general art stall. Following this we will be taking our railway art display to the North Yorks Moors Railway 70s and Diesel Gala on 17th & 18th June.

If you will be at any of those events, come along and say hi. We love to chat!

In the meantime follow #tedontour on our social media channels to see what Ted gets up to in between shows!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments below, we love to hear from you!

All the best for now


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