Ted Has A Date With Sally B At Flying Legends

Ted gets to grips at the business end with Sally B at Flying Legends

Ted Has A Date With Sally B At Flying Legends

So we are back home recovering from a long three days at the Flying Legends airshow. All the orders we took have been processed and will be with their respective buyers early next week. Thanks again guys n gals, your trade and support is much appreciated!

Ted had a great time at the Flying Legends with his personal highlight being a date with B-17 Flying Fortress Sally B!! That bear gets around, last visit to Duxford he gets a flight in a C-47 Skytrain!

Many thanks to Andrew and Geraldine for arranging this!

Great Flying Display

As usual, the flying display was pretty good, although the weather did prevent a couple of displays. My personal favourite aircraft were the Avenger and Sea Fury – both very impressive. The famous Duxford ‘Tail Chases’ were a little thin on the ground. I’m not sure if this was to do the changes imposed by the CAA in response to Shoreham or simply there being insufficient aircraft?

Unusually for the Flying Legends, a modern fighter made an appearance in the shape of the USAF  F-22 Raptor. The Raptor flew with a P-51 in the USAF Heritage flight display. I have seen many F-22 aircraft at Nellis but this was the first display I have seen and it was pretty impressive.

Crowds A Little Thin

From our viewpoint, although sales were healthy, the crowds did seem thin on the ground. I suppose this was to be expected as the event clashed with RIAT at Fairford, the British Grand Prix and some funny game with yellow balls in South London.

Hopefully there will be a nice healthy crowd when we return in September!

Image Theft

Here is an interesting discussion point. What are your thoughts on image theft by people taking photos of artwork? I am getting increasing numbers of people innocently walking into the stall and covertly taking pictures. This activity was rife at Flying Legends.

I don’t know why people would do that as much better quality images can be had from this site and even better quality pictures can be bought there and then! I stop most people and they seem annoyed I intervene and prevent them taking photos. I wouldn’t mind so much if they were up front and said ‘great picture I want to share it on social media’ and gave us a mention.

Is it theft? Would people expect to walk into an art museum or exhibition and snap away unchallenged?

I am always on the lookout for image infringement and people who use my pictures illegally. To a certain extent it is part and parcel of the online world, but surely it is something more sinister in the physical world?

What really annoys me is this increasing clandestine photography of my artwork.

What are your thoughts? Is it acceptable or is there a limit to what can be ‘had for free’?

Next Up – War and Peace Revival

So, after that mini-rant, it’s time to look forward to next weeks War and Peace Revival Show. 5 solid days of the best military vehicles, living history and battle re-enactments to be found. We are very much looking forward to this show, which will be our first time attending. If you are at the show then drop by our stall located at C21 and say hi!

See the GDMK Images art stall at the War and Peace Revival Show between 19th and 23rd July 2016

Thanks for reading, please leave your thoughts on the image theft issues I discussed and see you at War and Peace!



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