Locomotive Side Profile Drawings Now Available!

Locomotive Side Profile Drawings Now Available!

You may have seen a number of side profile drawings of classic steam and diesel locomotives appearing on our products.

I have long admired the side profile style of artwork and have wanted to include a range in my offerings. I saw Stuart Blacks side profile artwork on the event circuit and decided to contact him.

I initially approached Stuart Black about the possibility of creating one of his classic ‘Evolution’ style pictures of 50021 Rodney for my personal collection. I asked Stuart about acquiring the rights to sell this picture as part of our fund raising efforts for 50021 and 50026. Stuart was very helpful and the end result is we now stock an exclusive ‘50021 Rodney Evolution’ range of products.

50021 Rodney Evolution

50021 Rodney Christmas Raffle Prize

Famous Locos

Following on from this conversation, we came to an agreement whereby I am able to stock and sell side profile pictures of many classic steam and diesel locos on our gift products including –

  • 60103 Flying Scotsman
  • 60009 Union of South Africa
  • 6000 King George V
  • 60163 Tornado
  • 46256 Sir William A Stanier FRS
  • 6000 Coronation
  • 34057 Biggin Hill

Stuart created me new versions of some of his existing diesel loco pictures and include

  • Class 40 40022 Laconia
  • Class 45 45048 The Royal Marines
  • Class 55 55004 Queens Own Highlander

All the side profile pictures are available to buy on our entire small gift range including mobile phone cases, wallets and purses, mugs and bags.

More Side Profile Pictures to Come


I will be adding more side profile pictures from Stuart in the near future including

  • Class 37
  • Class 47
  • Class 68
  • a number of classic aviation types

If there are any particular aircraft, individual locos or classes you would like to see added then let us know! In the meantime have a look at our new side profile pictures and let us know what you think!

All the best for now

Gary and Dawn

More Profile Pictures

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