GDMK Images and Stuart Black Collaboration

GDMK Images and Stuart Black Collaboration

I am delighted to announce a new collaboration between GDMK Images and Stuart Black.

Many of you will know Stuart Black through his stunning side profile artwork of railway and aviation subjects. Stuarts artwork is very well known for his attention to detail and high quality.

You will also know I have a small range of Stuarts work already on many of our products.

Landmark Designs

This collaboration will provide a unique and exclusive range of landmark designs that will only be available via GDMK Images through our website or at our event stall.

You will be treated to a feast of landmark railway designs that, at its core, features a huge repository of designs never before available.

We will slowly start releasing new designs over the coming weeks in preparation for the new show season. You will be able to see and order the first of these exclusive railway gifts at the Festival of British Railway Modelling Show at Doncaster in February.

Complete Customisation at Your Fingertips

This new collaboration also allows us to jointly provide a huge and exclusive range of fully customisable railway gifts as never seen before!

Not only will you have access to a huge range of locomotives for your gifts, but you will also be able to fully customise any wording or messages.

New Product Range Coming

These fully customisable railway designs will be available on virtually our entire existing range plus a new range we will be announcing in a couple of weeks.

Whats this new range you say? Well all I can say is prepare to be blown away! You saw at last years shows we had some great innovative products – well put it this way, we have fully got to grips with the equipment we invested in last year and can now safely say we can print onto pretty much anything, and I mean anything!

All will be high quality, durable and stunning products that are not currently offered by any other supplier.

We were already really excited about this season and the products we will be launching. The new collaboration between GDMK Images and Stuart Black just takes everything into a whole new dimension!

See You All Soon!

Thanks for reading and we hope you are as excited about this news as we are. We are starting to fill out our show calendar for 2019 as we receive confirmations from organisers. Keep checking our show diary or subscribe to our newly refurbished newsletters to make sure you dont miss out on a massive year for railway enthusiasts!

Cheers for now

Gary, Dawn and Kay

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