VJ Day 75th Anniversary Clothing Designs

VJ 75 Navy Blue Polo Snippet

VJ Day 75th Anniversary Clothing Designs

I am delighted to announce the launch of our VJ Day 75th Anniversary clothing designs.

August 15th 2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of the surrender of Japanese Forces and the conclusion of World War 2.

The Burma Campaign for British Forces, and the parallel Pacific Campaign for US forces, were hugely devastating and costly campaigns. Both are often overshadowed by the European theatre of operations.

War in the Far East was a completely different type of conflict compared to the European conflict. The Japanese were ruthless and fought with a tenacity, and some might say cruelty, that is only truly understood by those who were exposed to it.

VJ Day 75th Anniversary Design Details

My tribute to the Far East Veterans features a large VJ in green to represent the Jungle. Perched on top of the V is a WW2 ‘Slouch’ style bush hat with a 14th Army badge. The ‘Slouch’ is the hat seen in all pictures featuring soldiers during the Burma Campaign.

Below the design are the words ‘Never Forgotten’ in tribute to those Veterans and to ensure going forward, their fight and struggle will remain in our memories.

The Forgotten Army Should Never Be Forgotten

Many Burma Campaign veterans felt they were the ‘Forgotten Army’.

With the European War finishing in May 1945, many veterans were beginning to return home in the Autumn and Winter of 1945. 

Many of the Far East veterans didn’t start arriving home until the spring and Summer of 1946, by which point those at home were beginning to ‘move on’. 

Whilst many from the European theatre returned home to heroes welcomes, street parties and such like, Far East veterans returned home to virtually no fanfare.

Indeed I have heard tales, where the only people to meet a veteran upon their return, was a Salvation Army worker.

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