Phantom Typhoon Hurricane and Anson Added to Embroidered Clothing Range

Phantom Typhoon Hurricane and Anson Added to Embroidered Clothing Range

Phantom Typhoon Hurricane and Anson Added to Embroidered Clothing Range

After getting some of our new railway themed embroidered clothing designs online, its time to get the new aircraft designs online as well.

The latest aircraft added to the Classic Military Aircraft range features the following aircraft –

  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom
  • Avro Anson
  • Hawker Hurricane – 1 Squadron Nightfighter Colour Scheme

These new additions brings our Classic Military Aircraft to 19 different aircraft types!!

If you factor in the choice of Squadron options it brings the total to 29 standard designs!!

Standard Design or Personalised – The Choice Is Yours?

The standard Classic Military aircraft features your chosen aircraft with its service dates above and the aircraft name below.

Why not personalise your design by adding your own words in place of our standard options?

Which Aircraft Are Included in The Classic Military Aircraft Range?

You can currently buy the following aircraft types –

  • Avro Anson
  • Avro Lancaster – 3 Sqn Choices
  • Avro Shackleton
  • Avro Vulcan
  • Blackburn Buccaneer – Royal Navy and Royal Air Force
  • C-47 Dakota D-Day Colours – RAF and USAAF
  • EE Lightning – 2 Sqn Choices
  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Handley Page Halifax
  • Hawker Hunter – Royal Navy and Royal Air Force
  • Hawker Hurricane
  • Hawker Typhoon D-Day Colours
  • De Havilland Mosquito D-Day Colours
  • Panavia Tornado GR4 – 3 Squadron Choices
  • McDonnell Douglas Phantom
  • BAC Sea Harrier
  • Sepecat Jaguar
  • Supermarine Spitfire – 3 Sqns including Day Colours
  • Vickers Wellington

What Clothing Types are in The Classic Military Aircraft Range?

You can buy these embroidered designs on all our clothing and bag range –

My Favourite Aircraft Isnt In your List – What Do I Do?

Dont worry, we are continually working on new aircraft types to add to the range.

Use our personalisation service mentioned above to order a new aircraft type or an existing type but in different squadron colours!

We are currently busy working on a dedicated Battle of Britain design which features new aircraft types that will be added to this range as well.

We are currently working on and testing the following aircraft –

  • Messerschmitt ME109
  • Tornado F3
  • Heinkel HE111
  • P-51
  • B-17

Get in touch and let us know which aircraft you would like to see come out next!!

** Flash Sales **

Our flash sales on Facebook, Instagram and our email newsletters have been going down a storm and this weeks features embroidered clothing so check our social media to grab a bargain!

1st to claim an item gets it – simple as that!

Thats All For Now – Stay Safe Everyone

Here is the link to the latest on how the Covid 19 situation is affecting our operations and your orders.

All the best for now and I look forward to hearing your feedback on our personalised clothing range – stay safe!!!


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