GDMK Images October 2019 Alamy Editorial Stock Photo Update

Fish Eye view of Castle Street in Hinckley

GDMK Images October 2019 Alamy Editorial Stock Photo Update

Find out which GDMK Images stock pictures have been licensing well this Autumn

This Autumn has seen a good mix of editorial images licensed from the GDMK Images Alamy portfolio. Licensed uses have been for magazaines and newspapers, internal publications and international websites and include the following pictures –

  1. Railway pictures
  2. Abstract pictures
  3. People pictures

Which Editorial Pictures on Alamy Are Generating Interest?

The types of stock image available to license from GDMK Images via Alamy are extremely varied. The images below have been generating interest with prospective clients. Again railways, aviation and people pictures are featuring in searches.

The varied range of images available for licensing means that you will almost certainly find something suitable for your next article or project!

Thanks for checking in and please dont hesitate to contact me if you need any help finding a specific picture for your next article or project!

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