End of Summer 2018 Alamy Portfolio Sales

End of Summer 2018 Alamy Portfolio Sales

Editorial Sales from the GDMK Images Alamy portfolio have included some unusual images from both my urban and rural collections.

Recent Alamy Portfolio Uses

Uses of recent sales have been mainly for small business marketing purposes and a few for presentations and talks.

Recent Editorial Picture Enquiries

Here are a few of my Alamy editorial images that have drawn recent usage inquiries. Aviation, railways and nature pictures have drawn a lot of interest.

GDMK Images Subject Lightboxes

My editorial image portfolio is split into subject based lightboxes on Alamy. You can read more about these subject groups on the Editorial Stock Images main page. Every GDMK Images editorial picture on Alamy is extensively keyworded to make your searches easier.

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Looking for a particular picture? Why not do a keyword search through all GDMK Images editorial pictures on Alamy?

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