New Dambusters Embroidered Designs Added


New Dambusters Embroidered Designs Added

As another anniversary of the legendary Dambusters raid approaches, we have released a new commemorative range of embroidered designs.

Dambusters Raid Background

On the night of 16th and 17th May 1943, 19 Lancasters manned by 133 aircrew from 617 Squadron took off for the Ruhr Valley in Germany. In their sights were three dams – the Moehne, the Eder and the Sorpe all which controlled water supplies for the heavy German industry located in the Ruhr region.

This mission was a highly risky and dangerous mission that demanded incredible bravery and airmanship of the highest order.

The Lancasters flew at low level for the entire mission and the unique Upkeep bouncing bomb had to be dropped from a height of 60ft whilst the pilot maintained 232mph.

2 of the dams, the Moehne and Eder, were breached whilst the third was damaged. The cost was huge as 53 aircrew lost their lives and 3 were captured and became POWs.

The mission was seen as a huge success in raising morale back at home despite the huge cost to aircrew and airframes.

Commemorate the Bravery of the Dambusters Aircrew

Our range of Dambusters clothing is our way of remembering the bravery of, not only the 617 Squadron aircrews from that mission but all of those in Bomber Command that took the fight to the Axis forces every night whilst the rest of the Allied forces trained and equipped for the eventual invasion and liberation of Europe in 1944.

These latest designs immortalise the dates of that brave mission.

What Other Dambuster Themed Gifts Can I Buy?

How About a Limited Edition Dambuster Poster?

We have a varied range of gifts that will please any aviation enthusiast.

How about a limited edition poster for your wall – you can’t go wrong with a limited edition reproduction poster of the classic 1955 Dambusters film starring Richard Todd and Michael Redgrave! This poster was reproduced in 2018 for the 75th Anniversary of the raid and was commissioned for the Royal Albert Hall performance of the film.

Alternatively, why not try our Dambusters aircrew poster that has a drawing of every Lancaster aircraft that took part in the raid along with the names of every aircrew member and their flight roles?

We only have a few left so get in before they are all gone!

Looking For Dambuster 75th Anniversary Clothing?

In 2018, we did a full range of clothing designs to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Dambusters raid.

These embroidered designs featured the wording ‘Chastise 75’ and 1943 – 2018 in recognition of the mission codename – Operation Chastise.

Thanks for looking and heres to those brave men of 617 Squadron and Bomber Command!

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