GDMK Images Gift Vouchers

New GDMK Images Gift Vouchers

Following many requests, we are introducing GDMK Images gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are a great way to surprise that special person in your life and make ideal gifts for birthdays and at Christmas time.

Gift vouchers can also useful when buying a phone case or laptop cover and you arent exactly sure which model phone the person has. Simply buy them a gift voucher and they can go online and order the correct case or cover for their device!

The new gift vouchers will be available to buy in the following combinations –

  • £5
  • £10
  • £25

The new GDMK Images gift vouchers can be bought singly or in any combination of £5, £10 or £25 voucher. The gift vouchers will be valid for 12 months of date of purchase.

You can buy your gift vouchers online and at our event stall.

If you have any questions just give me a shout!

All the best


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