GDMK Images Flipboard Magazines

GDMK Images Flipboard Magazines Launched

Keeping up to date with the latest news, irrespective of its subject matter seems so time-consuming these days. The internet has evolved into a heaving behemoth of news updates, analysis, reanalysis, repurposing and re-posting. To keep on top of all the various happenings, I have been using Flipboard for my own personal article collection purposes. I like the ease of saving articles for reading at a more convenient time. So instead of simply becoming ‘another’ site rehashing and rewriting articles, I have created a couple of Flipboard magazines to share articles I find interesting with you guys n gals. This will make it a lot easier and more efficient to share news and technique articles I think you might find of interest, and save me a lot of time unnecessarily rehashing other people’s posts. You can read the articles first hand, I’ll provide the pointers so to speak. So, please find below links to the official GDMK Images Flipboard Magazines, I hope you find them interesting ……

I hope you find plenty of interest in the GDMK Images Flipboard magazines. Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts on my magazines Cheers Gary

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