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Covid 19 Update – 29/04/2020

Online Orders Now Being Processed Again

Hi everyone, first things first, I hope you and your loved ones are doing ok in these testing times.

As the Covid 19 situation has evolved, I just wanted you to be aware of what we are up to and how it affects your orders.

As of today, we will be resuming full online order fulfilment. All outstanding orders are being processed and will be despatched in the next 4 or 5 days.

What’s In This Update?

There is a lot going on so here is a summary of what you can learn in this update

  • GDMK Images 2020 Show Season
  • New Flash Sales
  • Loco Data Panel Designs Revised and Updated
  • More Classic Military Aircraft Embroidered Designs
  • New Classic Military Vehicle Embroidered Clothing Range
  • Lots of New Pictures Added
  • Big Editorial Stock Image Update
  • 8th Stitch Creations

2020 Show Season

With the social distancing requirements looking like they may well extend into the summer, I am not sure when we will be resuming attendance at events around the country. There is an underlying health issue in the family which requires careful managing in relation to Covid 19, which adds to the considerations of resuming attendance at public events.

For the foreseeable future, we will remain online only.

This is a real shame as we have some fantastic new ranges to launch, several of which haven’t been seen before on the enthusiast circuit. We were very much looking forward to taking these new products out on the road this year!

Details of the new products will be revealed over the coming weeks and will be available online.

So What Else is New From GDMK Images?

The enforced lockdown has been challenging as I am sure it has been for you guys n gals as well.

The time has been well used by undertaking some necessary, and tedious, website maintenance.

I have spent a lot of time creating new designs and developing product ideas which will be launched over the coming weeks. There is an awful lot for all you railway, aviation and military vehicle enthusiasts to look forward to!!

In addition to this, I have taken been going over customer reviews and feedback and been refining and improving some of our designs.

** Flash Sales **

Keep an eye out for our flash sales on Facebook, Instagram and our email newsletters.

A couple of times a week I will be grabbing some random items of stock we made up for the ‘not now happening’ show season and putting them up for grabs at knockdown prices!!

Each flash sale will include one railway and one aviation item up for grabs at a great price. Sometimes each social channel will feature different items so each sale gives you a choice of several items!

1st to claim an item gets it – simple as that!

Loco Data Panel Designs Fine Tuned

Our loco data panel designs have been updated. The first big change is that I have been guided by feedback and discontinued the square 200mm x 200mm sizes. All designs are now 290mm x 200mm with a much requested larger size of 400mm x 305mm added to the range. Most locomotive livery designs have had slight tweaks and improvements.

More classes will be added now that the most popular loco classes are available online.

I will be starting a new series of limited edition loco specific data plates. These will feature some of the unique loco colour schemes and depot special variations that have graced the railways over the years.

More Classic Military Aircraft Clothing Designs

I have been very busy designing new aircraft for the extremely popular Classic Military Aircraft clothing range.

Again, following feedback and suggestions, we have a great range of new aircraft ready to take off and join our clothing range!

Just a few of the famous aircraft coming soon include –

  • F4 Phantom
  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Tornado F3
  • Hawker Typhoon
  • Mosquito
  • Hawker Hurricane
  • Sea Harrier
  • C47 Dakota

Theres loads more classic military aircraft coming as well …. !!

New Classic Military Vehicle Clothing Range

One of our most exciting developments for this year, was to have been the launch of our Classic Military Vehicle clothing range at Wicksteed at War in June.

Events have overtaken us, so for now, the release will be online only!

We have had a huge amount of requests for a military vehicle range of clothing. Your call has been answered and we will be launching sometime soon, a Classic Military Vehicle range starting with some classic favourites including –

  • Willys Jeep
  • GMC Deuce and a Half
  • Dodge WC-54 Ambulance
  • Sherman Tank

There will be a load more classic military vehicles added as the year progresses!

These military vehicle embroidered designs will be available on the full range of clothing as per our other embroidered designs!

New Pictures For Gift Products

One of the benefits of the lockdown has been having time to go over my photo archive and select new images to be processed. These will see the light of day on everything from wall art through to coasters, with the original intention having been a whole new library of images for this years show season.

These new images will slowly be added to the website as products over the coming weeks.

GDMK Images Editorial Portfolio Updated on Alamy

I have also done a long overdue refresh on my Alamy editorial stock portfolio.

This has involved a big review and overhaul of keywords and captions to make searching easier for image buyers.

I have also added a huge number of new images covering pretty much every genre including –

  • railways
  • aircraft and aviation themes
  • everday scenes
  • construction industry
  • night and low light scenes
  • abstract and concept themed ideas

8th Stitch Creations

Those who have met us on the stall will know my wife Dawn.

Having got bored with too many trains and planes, she has taken the plunge and set up her own business called 8th Stitch Creations to make things more akin to her interests.

She will still be the backbone of all our in house embroidery, so don’t panic!

8th Stitch Creations allows her creative freedom to make things close to her heart including a very exciting fundraising project for the NHS!!

She is also specialising in unique memory and keepsake products such as memory blankets and so on.

You can find 8th Stitch creations on Facebook so please check out her page and see what she gets up to!!

Thats All For Now – Stay Safe Everyone

There is so much more I could go on about, but I think that’s enough for now!

Please stay safe everyone and I look forward to seeing you again at a show somewhere once this all blows over.

In the meantime, I will do my best to keep you entertained and supplied in railway, aviation and military vehicle goodies!!

All the best for now and stay safe!!!

Gary, Dawn and Kay

GDMK Images is established as a leading supplier of gifts for aviation, railway and military vehicle enthusiasts, check out our unique gifts below ….

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