Fund Raising Merchandise Ideas For The New Season

Fund Raising Merchandise Ideas For The New Season

As the new show season starts to take shape, we have some great fund raising merchandise ideas for the new season.

Is it time you looked at your fund raising merchandise?

GDMK Images offers a full range of gifts that are perfect for your fund raising needs, just ask any of the organisations we helped last year –

  • Network South East Railway Society
  • Class 37 Loco Group
  • The Spitfire Society
  • Class 45/1 Preservation Group
  • Southern Electric Group
  • North Weald RAFA

Your Merchandise – Your Design.

We can use your own organisations artwork and designs.
Simply supply your designs and we will print them on whatever products you choose.
This includes




Phone cases

Printed and Embroidered Clothing – from baby grows to adult sizes


Wallets and Purses

Cuddly Toys

Need A Design?

Not a problem, we can do limited design work for you!

Competitive Prices

Your products are added to our existing print runs, therefore prices are extremely competitive! And the best part – there is no minimum order! you can order as much or as little as you like. For embroidered items, we prefer your initial order to consist of at least 4 or 5 garments. This helps us keep the postage of the base garments as low as possible which in turn makes the price to you cheaper.

Product Mock Ups

In the run up to production we provide you with graphic mock ups of your products displaying your chosen pictures.

Embroidery Designs

We will jointly go through a process of review and fine tuning of all your designs prior to signing off on a finalised design. We also send you hi-res pictures of test runs of your design for you to review.

Drop Shipping

We also offer the ability to dropship on your behalf. This is useful for phones, wallets and mugs. Invariably someone will come to buy a phone case and you have no Samsung ‘whatever’ case or they want a mug you have just sold out of.

All you need to do is take an order from the customer and submit their details to us. We will produce that item for you and despatch it directly to the customer on your behalf.

Get more details on our main Fund Raising Merchandise Page or fill in the form below.

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The Introduction to Fund Raising Merchandise Services will guide you in detail about the fantastic range of products we can supply for your society or organisation. Read at your leisure how we work with you to take your fund raising merchandise to a whole new level!

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