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Embroidered Designs and Cool Clothing Added

Embroidered Clothing Now

Embroidered Designs and Cool Clothing Added

Get yourself a unique embroidered design on some cool contemporary clothing items!

For a little while we have been selling some really cool clothing as part of our work in raising money for Class 50 locos 50021 & 50026.

We have been extremely fortunate to partner up with an exceptionally talented digitising and embroidery team. The detail of the digitisation and embroidery work is truly exceptional and allows us to be confident in launching a full range of high quality products.

Today we launch a full range of embroidered clothing and accessories starting with –

All of these clothes have been hand picked not only to be modern, stylish and contemporary, but have been tested extensively to ensure they provide appropriate quality and longevity to match the quality of the designs. We dont see the point of making stunning designs available on cheap nasty clothes that wont last!

Embroidered Designs

The following railway, aviation and military themed designs are currently available –

Embroidered Railway Designs

  • Class 50 Large Logo Cab Design
  • Class 55 BR Blue Cab Design
  • Class 50 Numbers and Nameplates with or without a loco cab above the number
    • 50001 Dreadnought
    • 50021 Rodney
    • 50026 Indomitable
  • Class 55 Numbers and Nameplates with or without a loco cab above the number
    • 55007 Pinza

With Cab or Without Cab?

The Choice is yours …..

Embroidered Aviation and Military Designs

  • Hawker Hurricane – The Few
  • 101st Airborne – NUTS


  • Class 45 Cab – in production
  • Class 40 Cab – in production
  • More Class 50 Names – in production
  • More Class 55 Names – in production
  • Class 47 BR Blue Cab – planned
  • Class 43 HST – planned
  • NSE Variants of above as appropriate – planned
  • Many eye opening and never before seen railway designs!

Browse Our Gifts Below


  • Avro Vulcan – in production
  • Spitfire
  • Lightning
  • Phantom
  • Mosquito
  • Lancaster
  • Wellington
  • Blenheim
  • Halifax
  • Tornado
  • Jaguar
  • Buccaneer


  • Jeeps – In production
  • 82 AB
  • More 101 AB
  • Conflict Specific Designs

What Designs Do You Want Next .. ?

We have an extensive scope of designs in the works, but what we really want is your feedback on what you want to see next.

Your feedback will help us prioritise the designs so get involved now and help prioritise the new designs!

Leave feedback –

We hope you had a great Christmas – stay safe over the New Year and see you all in 2018!

Cheers for now

Gary & Dawn

Share these embroidered designs and cool clothing with your family and friends  …. thanks!

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