Classic Military Aircraft Embroidered Clothing Launched

Classic British Aircraft 12 sqn Tornado Navy Blue Polo

Classic Military Aircraft Embroidered Clothing Launched

A brand new exclusive line to GDMK Images was formally launched at Flying Legends

Updated 31/10/19 – New additions include Wellington, Sea Harrier FA2, Jaguar and 5 Sqn Lightning!!

At Flying Legends last weekend we formally launched our exclusive range of Classic Military Aircraft embroidered clothing.

The designs feature a high quality embroidered aircraft, the aircraft name and its service dates.

You can buy these embroidered aircraft designs on the following clothing items

Which Classic Military Aircraft Will Be Available?

The first 3 designs feature the EE Lightning,  Avro Lancaster and Panavia Tornado GR4. Classic Military Aircraft design no 4 will be decided by subscribers and social media followers in a competition starting 29th July. A new classic military aircraft design will be released roughly every week going forward.

Future releases will include the following aircraft –

  • Spitfire
  • Canberra
  • Hawker Hurricane
  • Mosquito
  • P51
  • Stirling
  • Tiger Moth
  • Dakota
  • Avro Vulcan
  • B-17
  • Hunter
  • Sea Harrier
  • Halifax
  • Wellington
  • Harrier
  • Jaguar
  • Hercules

Which Classic Military Aircraft Will be Released Next?

You can choose which aircraft will be design no 4 via our upcoming competition!

Next week I will be running a competition here and on our social media channels for you to decide which aircraft is the next to be released so stay tuned for details!

The aircraft design that receives the most votes will be released as design no 4.

The competition winner will receive a polo shirt featuring their choice of design from across our range!

Where Can I See These Classic Miltary Aircraft Clothing Designs?

You can see these new aircraft clothing designs at the following upcoming shows

  • East Kirkby Airshow
  • Biggin Hill Airshow
  • Military Odyssey
  • Victory Show

If you have any questions regarding these Classic Military Aircraft clothing designs then please dont hesitate to contact us!

Thanks for reading and all the best

Gary, Dawn & Kay

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