4 Awesome Things About the GDMK Images Website Overhaul

GDMK Images Website Overhaul Focus Is On User Experience

I have overhauled this website to provide a number of significant changes to make your experience much easier and slicker.

1 – Mobile Experience

The number 1 priority was to make the GDMK Images website totally mobile friendly. All pages are now fully responsive to the screensize of your device.

You can view in fullsize glorious technicolor on your desktop or have a scaled but still glorious technicolour experience on your mobile phone. Functionality of the website is fully accessible regardless of your viewing device.

2 – Buying Wall Art and Licensing Pictures Brought Together

My second priority was to make the GDMK Images website equally relevant and accessible to you, irrespective of you wanting to buy wall art and gifts or wishing to licence pictures.

Right from the homepage you can select direct access to my Editorial Picture collections on Alamy and Picfair or the Wall Art and Gift Picture collections.

GDMK Images Home Page showing direct links to editorial stock gallery and wall art gallery

3 – Buying and Licensing Options Available Directly From Your Chosen Image

An important factor was to make the various buying options obvious and readily available.

From the homepage you can choose a gallery featuring a defined subject or style of picture.

Once inside the gallery, hovering over the image (or touching the picture on your mobile device) reveals the buying options for that picture. Select the gift or licensing outlet to go directly to the product buying page.

Even if you choose to view a specific gallery, both Editorial and Wall Art options are directly available from each unique picture.

4 – Intuitive Picture Searching and Product Filtering

Every gallery features easy searching and filtering capabilities. Even if there are 100’s of pictures in your chosen gallery, you can use the filter buttons to break the results down into gift types such as Mug, Phone Covers etc.

Use the ‘Search’ box to search the pictures in your selected gallery. All pictures are extensively keyworded to allow easy searching.

At the bottom of each page is a group of the most common used keywords. Select the keyword to see all pictures and products featuring that keyword tag.

Excerpt from GDMK Images picture gallery showing filters for different types of product

At the bottom of each gallery is a contact box to request products where a direct link isnt available for a given picture.

Most pictures are available to buy as any standard product.

One thing to remember when requesting a product that isnt listed, is the picture format. Portrait format pictures dont lend themselves well to mugs for instance. In contrast, the taller portrait format is ideal for taller products such as travel mugs.

The changes to the site have been very comprehensive but ultimately should lead to a better user experience.

Should you encounter any broken links or errors please let me know.

Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts on the new layout and functionality

All the best for now


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