2016 What A Year For GDMK Images

Ted helping out with photographing a stunning sunset at Morrow Bay

2016 What A Year For GDMK Images

Wow, what a year 2016 was! Personally and professionally, 2016 was a year to remember.

Personally, several ‘bucket list’ items were ticked off as we traveled across the US and The Caribbean during the spring.

Professionally we made great strides in solidifying the GDMK Images brand as a quality source of creative and unique artwork and photography. 2016 was our first full year taking our art stall around the country and was a great success. Its really satisfying so many people show their appreciation for our work.

It’s easy to bulk buy mass produced products at a low price point and resell them. We are not about selling for the sake of selling. We are about creating something different – something a little special that can’t be bought elsewhere.

I am passionate about the subjects in my work and I hope that comes through in my unique art style.

We made some great friends and met some really cool people along the way. Its not all about selling you know!

Below is a quick video summary of GDMK Images in 2016. The first video shows a taster of what you will see in our #tedontourusa trip blog posts. Part 1 of the Ted on Tour USA blog series is already available.

The second video is the soundtrack of our summer events, a soundtrack dominated by English Electric, Merlins, Napier, a bit of sizzling steam and a few other oddities thrown in!

Preview Video of Ted on Tour USA

GDMK Images Soundtrack of 2016

Looking Forward To 2017 

We are proud of our achievements of 2016 and are really looking forward to 2017. Our event list is being finalised and will be posted shortly. You will be able to come and say hi at many railway, aviation, classic vehicle and military shows in 2017. Remember to subscribe to the GDMK Images newsletter to keep up with our latest news and events or alternatively keep an eye on the Where to Find GDMK Images Page

What Can You Expect From GDMK Images in 2017?

We have lots planned for 2017 including –

  • blog posts about our 2016 Tedontourusa trip including travel and photography tips
  • a new railway digital art series called ‘End of the Line’
  • a new range of gifts available exclusively from our art stall
  • new military digital art starting with ‘The Home Guard’ and ‘An Officer and a Lady’
  • digital art featuring RAF Lancasters ‘Over Enemy Country’ and Dakotas ‘One Day in June’

Thanks for your support over the last 12 months, heres looking forward to 2017!

All the best


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