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Buy Diazepam Glasgow - Valium Mastercard


 Personalised Railway Cushion

Create your very own personalised railway cushion! Find your favourite loco type from our extensive library, enter the number of the loco you want and add your personal messages to two customisable message areas.

Every cushion is handmade by us and measures 45cm x 45cm. You can choose 5 different colours for the cushion back.



Buy Diazepam Glasgow - Valium Mastercard

  • Choose Your Loco Type
  • Enter Loco Number
  • Type personalised message for above loco
  • Select above loco message formatted as a British Railway nameplate or plain text.
  • Type personalised message for below loco – default is loco description
  • Choose the colour of your cushion backing
Buy Diazepam In Uk Online

Add your personlised text to go above the loco.

Choose nameplate or plain text style

Add your personlised text for the bottom text area – default is loco description.

Choose what is shown in text below the loco.

Choose the colour of your cushion backing


Personalised Railway Cushion

Choose from 100s of British Locomotives and create your very own personalised railway cushion. Make use of 2 text areas to add your own personal message to complete your totally personalised railway cushion.

Share these personalised cushions with your friends and family …. thanks !

Additional information


A4 Pacific – BR Green, Black 5 – BR Black, Class 37/4 Large Logo, Class 40 BR Blue Dxxx or 40xxx Disc Front, Class 40 BR Blue Dxxx or 40xxx Split Box, Class 43 HST BR Blue, Class 43 HST Intercity Swift, Class 43 HST Original Intercity, Class 45/0 BR Blue Dxx or 450xx, Class 47 Railfreight Grey Petroleum Sector, Class 50 BR Blue D4xx or 500xx, Class 50 Large Logo, Class 50 Original NSE, Class 50 Revised NSE, Class 52 BR Blue, Class 55 BR Blue D9xxx or 550xx, Class 55 BR Blue White Cab, Class 55 BR Green, Class 68 DRS, Class 91 – 91110, GWR King BR Green, Prototype – Deltic, Prototype – DP2


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