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2 Comments "Nikon D300 replacement"

  1. Thank you for going to the trouble of making this comparison. I to have been using the d300 for 7 years, I actually like the extra depth of field that DX gives and I dont really want to go full frame. I have held on to my d300 for 7 years now, waiting for Nikon to bring out something to replace it and having to process every picture in raw, whilst my Canon user buddies can use the jpegs straight out of the camera.
    I probably would go d750 if it were in a D300 body.
    I think that nikon do not want to give us the Hassleblad/Bronica of the 1980’s. What I mean is, a camera that you would never need to replace because it does what you want it to, is the physical size that you want it to be and with all the buttons in the right place, and a D750 in a D300 body would be just that. So we will be offered a never ending changing product line of not quite right cameras, being to high pixel count for practical use or having all the features you might need but in a dinky little body that you cant get your shovel size hands to hold. People will buy these as a stopgap until the Up to date D700 and D300 is announced (which will be maybee never)

    • Hi Mike, thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my article. I think you have hit the nail right on the head with your Hassleblad/Bronica analogy. I guess the D300 is a victim of its own success and Nikon have learnt not to put out such a fully featured model again. For the consumer that equates to a succession of ‘nearly awesome cameras’. For my part, I dont regret upgrading to the D7200. The size is an issue and there are a couple of other niggles which I discussed in the follow up article. But all in all, the Nikon D7200 is a worthy upgrade now the buffer has been addressed. I can see it lasting me several years as my main camera. Unless the D400/D450 or whatever they call it has a class shattering specification for £1200 – £1500, then I think the D7200 to all intents and purpose has made the D300 successor irrelevant.

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