NYMR 70s Diesel Gala 2016

Valium Mastercard / NYMR 70s Diesel Gala 2016
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 Home Fleet Sounding Great

Both small Sulzer Type 2 locos Class 25 D7628 (25278) and 26038 sounded great and 37264 looked good as an authentic Scottish large logo class 37.

From an operating point of view 26038 didn’t have the best of weekends, failing on both the Friday and Saturday. Saturdays failure caused quite significant delays. From a trading point of view we had a good couple of days despite the seemingly low number of attendees.

We are very much looking forward to going back to the NYMR railway for their Buy Valium Sleeping Tablets running from 30th Sept to 2nd October.

We are at several Valium Purchase so drop by and see our unique pictures and digital paintings.

Thanks for reading


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