Hinckley Classic Car Show 2015

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I found plenty of inspiration for new digital art creations as motor vehicles and bikes are underrepresented in my portfolio.

The classic cars and bikes were a real tribute to their owners and their hard work and effort. Some of the customisations and paint jobs were simply stunning. Even the standard models, some 40, 50 even 60 years old looking as good as the day they rolled off the production line.

Even the weather obliged by providing some beautiful late summer sunshine! All in all the car show was very good and deserves to become a full time fixture on the classic car show scene.

Did you visit the 2015 Hinckley classic car Show? If so why not share your views?

I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts, thanks for reading

Share news of the Hinckley Classic Car Show with your friends and colleagues …. thanks!

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