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Class 50 50026 Indomitable Wordart Wallets and Purses

Help raise funds to support class 50 locos 50021 and 50026 by buying a wallet or purse. Monies from these sales goes directly to supporting these two fine English Electric locos.

Available as small and medium wallets, a ladies denim purse and a card holder.

Order Cheap Valium Online


Class 50 50026 Indomitable Wordart Wallets and Purses

Wallets and purses featuring every Class 50 name in a wordart pattern with Indomitable being the central dominant name. A perfect gift for fans of the English Electric Class 50 loco and a great unusual gift for railway enthusiasts. An unusual gift for both men and women. The choice of small and medium wallets, a ladies denim purse and a card holder means you will never be stuck for a small gift ever again!

Additional information

Wallets and Purses

Card Holder, Ladies Denim Purse, Medium Wallet, Small Wallet

Featured Colours

Blue, White




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